Benthall Hall Spring Flowers

We went for a vist to Benthall Hall yesterday. This one does not normally open out of season but they have deided to do so now to show the wonderful array of Spring crocus. I honestly thought that after last week, we had reached the end of potential for snowdrop images but I was proved wrong. The floor was a carpet of flowers!

Author: Chrissy Marie

Artist & Photographer from the UK

7 thoughts on “Benthall Hall Spring Flowers”

  1. What a lovely array of flowers, so cheerful! I particularly like the last but one photo with the ‘carpet’ of flowers.

    I noticed in a reply on the earlier post with the beautiful photos of the birds that you said you use an 80-400mm lens, do you use a tripod or are you blessed with more strength and steadiness in your arms than I am. My long lens never leaves the house as it is just too heavy and I don’t fancy carting a tripod around. I would so like you to tell me yours is ultra light, if so can I ask what make it is because I have only ever seen heavy ones?

    1. Thank you…:D My lens is not so light but, it does have vibration reduction so no need for a tripod. It is the Nikon 80-400, the older slow focusing version 😉 It weighs in at 1340 only just slight less than the similar Canon 100-400L. It is about my limit I think 🙂

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