Benthall Hall Spring Flowers

We went for a vist to Benthall Hall yesterday. This one does not normally open out of season but they have deided to do so now to show the wonderful array of Spring crocus. I honestly thought that after last week, we had reached the end of potential for snowdrop images but I was proved wrong. The floor was a carpet of flowers!

Come Walk with Me

Walking down into the dingle and all you can hear is the sounds of quietness, the water as it cascades lightly over the rocks.

The sun is peeping though the trees, these wonderful aged beauties that have seen so many people pass them. Their girth is that of many years with gnarled twisting and turning roots, this one is my Faraway tree!

A large dragonfly patrols the path ahead, this way, this way ………..the sound of it’s wings brrr as a flash of emerald green glints in the light.

Clouds are heavy and the lake looks dull at first glance but damselflies rest among the foliage.

Silently a heron takes flight and could almost be missed in the camouflage of the sky.

But, then suddenly, the silence is shattered, the geese are shouting, look at them take flight!

Then peace settles over the lake once more…

And in the distance Shropshire countryside rolls on and on….