Shrewsbury Flower Show

It has been a few years since I went to this show. But, with a decent weekend forecast and having lots of other events in the area cancelled due to the appalling weather this summer, I decided it was time for a visit. The gate tickets are not cheap for sure but, the firework display is always phenomenal so we made a day of it.

As always, there were fabulous flower displays in the tents and a host of other entertainment.

Some was definitely geared towards the younger visitors but, we both enjoyed the quad bike stunts.

The Dingle looked as beautiful as ever although, I have so often gone down there with my camera at lunch, it seemed strange to see quite so many people!

As well as the military band, this year for the first time, they also had a folk group playing ~ the Oysterband. I confess to being quite surprised, I always think of the flower show committee as being a little er “set in their ways”! It was most enjoyable sitting on the bank with a glass listening to some lovely music.
Finally, of course, the fireworks! These have always been spectacular and this year was no different. They did put them to music which contributed hugely to what was already a fabulous atmosphere……

I have chosen three to provide you with an idea but there are a dozen or so in a Flickr album for anyone else that loves fireworks ……


Skywatch Friday – Bonfire Night at Bridgnorth

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

To be honest right now I think the UK could do with a bit of treason but, enough about that 😉

This display was put on by Bridgnorth Rugby Club in conjuction with Bridgnorth Aluminium. Well done to them for an great display and a lovely evening. A hog roast, a bar and a live group added to the atmosphere along with a steady supply of chinese lanterns going up, up and away. Well most of them at any rate, there was a rogue one that decided to come back!

If you happen to like fireworks, there are more (different) images over on my blogger blog. Photographs of some of the people at the event are also over there just in case any Bridgnorth residents find their way here.

Meanwhile more Skywatch images from around the world can be found on the Skywatch Blog. Happy SWF everyone 🙂