Moving into May

Although, it doesn’t really feel too much warmer. However, there are plenty of new arrivals. Last week I saw the first swallows and this week the first swifts. The recent weather has meant that for much of this week, we have had flood alerts here in Shropshire. The River Severn is very high right now so after a winter where it was below normal levels, in the image it is well above. Normally you can walk under this bit of the bridge.

The butterflies that I would expect to see by now are still absent and the Orange Tips are the only one that I have seen in any number. This one very kindly posed for me in the garden.

But, an old friend did materialise on a trip out over the weekend. This is the first damsel that I have spotted for the year, newly emerged, a week later than the first spotted last year.

On the same trip, we also saw two Mistle Thrushes hunting for worms.

The bluebells are now in full flower:

Whereas, these Ramsons flowered only this week:

Have a great week!


Simply Damselflies

The damselflies emerged throughout May and here are a few macro shots taken when the weather was a little brighter than it is at present. All of these were spotted In Shropshire.

Azure damselfly
I hope to add to the collection over the year but, the current windy, dull conditions really do not lend themselves towards macro photography.

Banded Male Demoiselle

Banded Female Demoiselle

White Legged Damselfly

Beautiful Male Demoiselle

Blue Tailed Damselfly