Photography ~ Rustic or Pretty?

A recent conversation on Facebook made me evaluate the difference between styles of photography. There is no doubt that many people appreciate a pretty landscape, a beautiful flower or a colourful sunrise.

However, there also a great many photographers who produce wonderful photography of not so pretty scenes. One of the most powerful photographs that I have viewed lately was a blind man who was begging in a market! It has stayed with me since because it was an excellent piece on many levels although I am not sure that I would want it on my wall. For me, it would be far too disturbing to see it every day.
I can also appreciate the trend towards rustic, sepia and monochrome. It takes a good photographer to portray a piece of barbed wire as interesting but I have seen it done and it worked for me as a viewer.

I think that just like art, there are some subjects that look better in certain circumstances. For example, the picturesque tends to look best in our somewhat traditional home but on the walls of ultra modern public buildings, something a little more futuristic makes more of an impact.
Over time, I am recognising that just like art the man (or woman) with the camera also develops a style. Both Andy and I enjoy our cameras and frequently visit the same places. You would think that we would also take similar images but, in fact it is a rare occasion that we end up with the same thing. Even the way we deal with the same subjects results in some quite marked differences!
There is also the issue of fashions that come and go. For instance, there is popular thinking at the moment for water to be misty, using a slow shutter speed to portray running water and the sea slowing the water down to create the effect. Personally, I sometimes find this a bit unreal and can say that I delight in a faster shot showing water droplets in crystal clarity.

This also leads me on to another recent advancement in the use of HDR? Many people dislike this effect as it can look very surreal. There are some that decry its overuse and the strong ensuing image and yet, in contrast to my traditional viewpoint on water, I find myself quite enjoying some of these simply because they are so striking.

Please feel free to express your views….:)


Duxford ~ Battle of Britain Airshow

We went to Duxford yesterday which is always an awesome experience. They put an increible amount of planes in the air yesterday and it is difficult to portray the mood. The sound or even the look of planes on that scale, you need to be there to really get the feeling. However, I do have a few images to share from the day…..

The skies were very dark which is a little unfortunate for photography but this was my favourite of the Arrows. But, you also have to have one of them crossing….it has to be done, the precision is awesome!

But, of course there are the more traditional aircraft.

My best photographs were those taken before the show when the skies were full of fluffly clouds!

However, grey skies can never take away the wow factor of awesome aircraft, I love the F16.

So here is another 😉

I don’t think I have ever posted an airshow without a Mustang because it is one of my all time favourites.

Then of course, you should have some Spitfire shots!

The French also put on a very spectacular performance but more of that when I have sorted out a few more from the day…

In the meantime if you would like to see some more images from the day, Andy has also put some up on his blog here.

I will add some more links as I get them 🙂

Link to Part 2 on my blogger blog is here

Butterfly Collage

Butterfly collage

Frail Travellers, deftly flickering over the flowers;
O living flowers against the heedless blue
Of summer days, what sends them dancing through
This fiery-blossom’d revel of the hours?

Theirs are the musing silences between
The enraptured crying of shrill birds that make
Heaven in the wood while summer dawns awake;
And theirs the faintest winds that hush the green.

And they are as my soul that wings its way
Out of the starlit dimness into morn:
And they are as my tremulous being—born
To know but this, the phantom glare of day.

Siegfried Sassoon