Skywatch Friday ~ River Severn

Well continuing the Autumn theme, on a very still day down in Severn Valley…….

I enjoyed the first Autumnal reflections.


Skywatch Friday ~ Rays of Light

This one was taken last month in Skiathos. I am seriously hoping to catch some more rays as it is a great time of year for them in the UK too. Most especially on those misty mornings which don’t look to be too far away, the temperature is definately going down. More great images of the sky can be found from around the world on Skywatch Friday. Have a good one everyone 🙂

Skywatch Friday ~ Bridgnorth Walkabout

I am so bad for forgetting about Friday when it is a Thursday…yes I can see people rolling their eyes and rightly so!!! So my apologies for being a little late..
However, I do have some lovely blue sky images from the weekend from a walkabout locally. Some of you may have seen some pics on my better half’s blog but, we never see the same things ~ the joy of photography is that it is a lot like art…and we all see a different picture!

No sky here but this sign outside a local pub…just because it made me laugh 😀

Followed by some flowers because I can… 🙂

Finally, if there are any funicular railway fans…here you are complete with blue skies and fluffy clouds.

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Happy Skywatch to everyone 🙂

Skywatch Friday ~ Fluffy Clouds

Well, it has been a while since I did a Skywatch Friday. I seem to have been a little busy with my art. However, seeing the bales in the field and looking out at across a gorgeous blue sky with nice fluffy clouds inspired me . So whilst we still have some summer…

I was sorry to hear on Skywatch that Klaus Peter has sadly passed away and dedicate this posting to him.

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Skywatch Friday ~ Peaceful Sunset over Shropshire

We have had some very frosty cold evenings. This set of sunset images whilst not overly dramatic are from half an hour spent looking out over Shropshire with the sun gently sinking beneath the hills.

I feel like some kind of haunting music should be playing…

Happy Skywatch Friday to all and for other Skywatch images from around the world, check out their site here.

Pink Sky ~ Skywatch

Happy Christmas to everyone 🙂
It seems that all I am posting lately is snow and frost but the scene out there is still very Christmas like. Last Friday on the day of heavy snow the skies cleared late on in the day and then suddenly turned pink. You could be forgiven for thinking that these scenes are early morning but, they are evening looking East. It made for an eerie fleeting light:

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Skywatch Friday – Bonfire Night at Bridgnorth

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

To be honest right now I think the UK could do with a bit of treason but, enough about that 😉

This display was put on by Bridgnorth Rugby Club in conjuction with Bridgnorth Aluminium. Well done to them for an great display and a lovely evening. A hog roast, a bar and a live group added to the atmosphere along with a steady supply of chinese lanterns going up, up and away. Well most of them at any rate, there was a rogue one that decided to come back!

If you happen to like fireworks, there are more (different) images over on my blogger blog. Photographs of some of the people at the event are also over there just in case any Bridgnorth residents find their way here.

Meanwhile more Skywatch images from around the world can be found on the Skywatch Blog. Happy SWF everyone 🙂