Birds on Cannock Chase

We spent a few hours on the Chase, watching the birds again at the weekend which was very enjoyable. Here are a few from the day:

Small Birds at Severn Valley

Just a few images from Severn Valley Park last week. We were also watching the tiniest, cutest Shrew but I had no chance of capturing that on camera!

With the ice being present for over a month and freezing over all the ponds, we were pleased to see the Kingfisher, even if it was a little distant.

Posing Birds ~ the Feathered Variety

We spend quite a lot of time on Cannock Chase which is always great for birdwatching. The locals have fed the birds in some areas there for years and years which brings in a huge variety which are relatively unafraid of humans.

It can be difficult to get photo’s as they prefer to be under the trees in the main. but, some of the people are very kind and throw food in your direction if you set up a few branches. However, I always feel if you are going to take their photo, is is good to take along plenty of food yourself. It seems like an even trade 😉

The continual feeding and habitat which is relatively free of predators encourages rare varieties in winter on occasion. In turn this can then attract an influx of strangers wanting to see them. This can then make it difficult for the locals to get near the area as it becomes a viewing ground from far and wide!

We are both aware of this when we go and visit. Sometimes it can be so frustrating when people arrive and throw all the food under the darkness of the trees and all the birds disapear from view. But, we are both acutely aware that if it wasn’t for those people, the birds wouldn’t be there in the first place and in many ways I sympathise with them that now they are invaded with both tourists and photographers. In fact, we have been very lucky, most of the people we have met are equally as enthusiastic as us as a rule and have been really friendly and happy to swap experiences 🙂

There is also a lovely cafe nearby and if all else fails, you can just sit and watch the feeders…. 😀