Witley Court ~ The Tumbledown Palace

We paid a return visit to Witley Court. I was kind of hoping to get some working fountain shot but it has been turned off for the winter. But, you can never normally get images with reflections so there is always a bonus. Witley Court is mnaged by the English Heritage Site charity and has had a very sad history over the years. I look at it now and am almost saddened by it’s loss but astounded by the volume of cash it must have taken to have been built and landscaped in the first place. A few shots….

Perseus and Andromeda fountain

Witley Court

One of the most intriguing stately homes I have visited. It was ruined following a fire in 1937 but has a unique atmosphere. In it’s heyday, it must have been grand beyond compare, this fountain is a work of art in it’s own right.