The Nature of April

The nature of April here in the UK is showers! Despite an earlier warm week and some area’s of the UK experiencing drought conditions, here in Shropshire April has been pretty much as it usually is. It heralds the return of many old friends which I delight in seeing again. After several months of catching a rare glimpse of a butterfly, lots of insects emerge, the sound of the Chiffchaff is heard on their return from Africa and the first Spring flowers appear like magic.

Wood Sorrel

Different birds seem to be arriving daily and this week, I saw my first Swallow.

Despite the showers we have been out and about watching and listening to the new arrivals. The butterflies arrived very early on the South Coast but here in the Midlands my first spot of Speckled Woods was actually a few days later than last year. On the same day I caught the first glimpse of a Brimstone and Orange Tip. I normally have to wait a while for my first image of an Orange tip, they fly at an incredible rate. However, down by the river on Sunday, one rested a while under cloudy skies.

A little patience waiting for the cloud to move over was rewarded:

A little further afield just into Staffordshire on Saturday and this was the first Green Veined White:

Almost on cue, I spotted the first glimpses of the Cuckoo flower or Ladies Smock which is a favourite of both of these butterflies. It always fascinates me how nature know the right time!

Meanwhile, we have a pair of Robins feeding each other in the garden. How I would love to get a picture. For such a feisty bird, they are so gentle with each other!

Author: Chrissy Marie

Artist & Photographer from the UK

12 thoughts on “The Nature of April”

  1. All so very, very beautiful. My wood sorrel is still yawning. Yours is wide awake and absolutely gorgeous. But looking at your images, perhaps your excellent photography would make even mine look ready for springtime 🙂

  2. So pretty, I always find those April rains bring out all the colours and make everything look fresh and beautiful 🙂

    1. Thanks Cherie, I forget how green it all becomes almost overnight…but, every year it takes me by surprise 😀 Hope you are well X

    1. Thank you again…. I do love it. I so miss the insects and am so excited to see the first butterfly and will be equally so when the damsels and dragonflies emerge. The more I watch the pattern of nature, the more incredible it seems to become.

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