Skywatch Friday ~ Cold Blue

This weeks Skywatch images follows the cold theme that my blog is taking right now. But, it seems fitting for the season.
Other Skywatch images from around the world can be found here.

Author: Chrissy Marie

Artist & Photographer from the UK

15 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Cold Blue”

  1. Gorgeous photos Chrissy. I’m so glad I no longer live where it snows every year and no longer need to plug in and scrape the windows of a vehicle, or be bundled to the eyeballs just to venture outdoors where the temperatures and wind chill are critical factors to be aware of. But I do love the images. 🙂

  2. You have winter wonderland also! Gorgeous pictures! The first has a wonderful depth – and well, this is winter as it is supposed to be in both pictures! Very nice!

  3. Wonderful theme for the season. It must be freezing out there. We don’t have the four seasons here at my tropical country. Lovely blog you have here.

    Have a nice day.

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