Birds and Butterflies of Kolios

Kolios has always been one of our favourite beaches. The walk to it is down through some shady pine trees, where lots of butterflies seem to fly in the shade and I suspect some of these are quite rare. They are also very difficult to spot like this one against the bark.

The path also passes a reed bed but at this time of year, it was a lot dryer than I recalled so there were less damsels and dragonflies than in September. If you are lucky you can spot golden orioles and last year I saw a variety if different birds when I waded into the undergrowth. This year the path was paved with wall brown butterflies which were plentiful.

On the beach, there are also patches of wild flowers, a sort of sea thistle grows together with numerous other wild flowers at the far end of the beach.

You can spot various butterflies nectaring here, this one is a bath white but I have seen others. Sadly I missing capturing them all on my camera! there are always some that got away… 😉

In the crystal clear water, these geese just float about…what a life eh?


Author: Chrissy Marie

Artist & Photographer from the UK

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