Flower Kaleidoscope

Created from this wild flower taken on Skiathos Island,

Author: Chrissy Marie

Artist & Photographer from the UK

8 thoughts on “Flower Kaleidoscope”

  1. Thanks Holly, photo editing software is so clever nowadays ~ I just played, lol. I would love to say it took hours, but it didn’t 😉 I just rather liked the result, Corel Photoshop deserve the credit!

  2. That’s a clever trick and a gorgeous flower! I’m looking forward to all your other photos too… do you find that post editing, resizing etc can be a bit of a chore? I know I sometimes do. This looks like lot’s more fun than usual!

    1. Pat, tbh, yes. Post processing is one of those things that seem to take ages. It is almost overwhelming I think when you have been away and have a lot of photo’s. Before now I have created a blog post and just thrown in a few at random (So far I am resisting the tempation and still sorting). However, this was purely fun and didn’t take long at all, it lent itself too because as you can see from the original, it was a nice shape to start with!

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