Butterfly Collage

Butterfly collage

Frail Travellers, deftly flickering over the flowers;
O living flowers against the heedless blue
Of summer days, what sends them dancing through
This fiery-blossom’d revel of the hours?

Theirs are the musing silences between
The enraptured crying of shrill birds that make
Heaven in the wood while summer dawns awake;
And theirs the faintest winds that hush the green.

And they are as my soul that wings its way
Out of the starlit dimness into morn:
And they are as my tremulous being—born
To know but this, the phantom glare of day.

Siegfried Sassoon

Author: Chrissy Marie

Artist & Photographer from the UK

3 thoughts on “Butterfly Collage”

  1. Birds and butterflys ~ You and Andy do have a thing about flight…

    The definition on the wings of the butterfly at bottom left is so crisp.


  2. Thanks Henry, I do think my butterfly images are coming along quite nicely. But, I take so many that I have a lot to choose from!

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