Trees of Gold


Author: Chrissy Marie

Artist & Photographer from the UK

4 thoughts on “Trees of Gold”

  1. “Trees of Gold” ~ A treat. I can imagine you deciding just how much of the foreground tree-frame on the right to include. It gets just to it’s thinnest. One on the other side would have been wrong. The exposure and the Hue of the shot is just right…and to finish it off the “tiny, just can’t make it out” red thing just off-centre, draws the eye perfectly.

    Great Blog…Fab design


  2. Henry, I did spend ages deliberating the photo’s on this day. I had escaped work in my lunch on a bad day! The red thing is a lifesaving ring as the path is next to the river.
    I do love the number of designs that are available with wordpress and this one sits quite right. I also don’t have write anything and for someone who speaks in images a lot of the time, it rather suits me, lol 😀 Thanks for your comments

  3. So gorgeous, Chrissy. Really. That is some beautiful pathway that you’ve captured. I love the few items/folks in the distance…wondering what/who might they be? And what is there purpose there…

    1. Hi Holly, thanks for your comment…in fact I can even answer you question. Behind the tree is a guy on his bike, he is a postman and he was making his way back from a delivery round accompanied by a friend. They, were clearly enjoying a good chat..see I am a people watcher too 😉

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